Upper West Side, New York

Serious Strength Personal Training

Serious Strength Personal Training

169 West 78th St, Lower Level (between Amsterdam & Columbus)
New York, NY 10024
(212) 579-9320
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"Serious Strength's Slow Burn personal training is clearly the most effective and time–efficient way to exercise I have ever tried. You should try it too!

- Dr. Max Gomez, 9-Time Emmy award winning Medical Journalist CBS News

Over the past fourteen years, Serious Strength has become the premier personal training center in NYC for those who wish to improve their health and physique in a safe and time efficient manner.

Serious Strength Personal Training studio is located on 78th street between Amsterdam and Columubus avenues on the trendy Upper West Side of Manhattan (just down the block from the Museum of Natural History).

Serious Strength Personal Training is a unique club of serious minded, highly motivated clients of all ages and body types who understand the value of their time. Our clientele understand that obtaining results, not exercising, is the goal.

In just 30 minutes a week, our clientele experience all of the health and fitness benefits that most people spend hours a week trying to achieve. We realize that this sounds completely inconguent to the world view of exercise, but what we say is true and we back it with a complete money-back guarantee.

Just 30 minutes a week is all we ask of your time.

Our Slow Burn system of safe and efficient strength training has been featured on NBC's Today Show, Eyewitness News, The 700 Club, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX News, NPR and many other prominant venues.

Slow Burn strength training is a research-based approach for improving strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascualr fitness without having to stretch or perform joint-damaging aerobics. The Slow Burn method focuses on slow, low-momentum movements. In this way, the exercises are more intensley stimulatory than conventional training approaches and absolves you from having to spend several hours a week in the gym.

Each 15-25 minute workout focuses on various muscle groups, using weight loads that are appropriate for your strength level, taken to the point of deep muscle fatigue. The results are almost immediate and include improved posture, joint support, enhanced sports performance, reversal of bone/muscle loss and a de-aging affect at the genetic level. That's right - using our method of strength training genetically de-ages you. (Yes we have the science to prove it!) The Slow Burn method is a proven modern-day fountain of youth. To say the least, Serious Strength personal training is a very unique experience.

All of our instructors are certified and highly experienced in special needs. Backed by dozens of the world's most respected people and programs, our studio is unlike any other in New York City.

NOTE: Before you call us to make a personal training appoinment, we ask that you search inside yourself and make sure that you feel ready to commit to our transformative program.

You don't have to be in any kind of shape to get started - start to get in shape!

Children's strength training classes are available as well.

The video below is a sample of what a typical advanced client workout might look like and gives you an idea of how the Slow Burn technique is performed.

For a promotional video from Serious Strength, watch the below:

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