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Whether you need a dentist for a regular cleaning and checkup or need emergency dental care, Nizich Family Dental is here for you. Serving the Juneau, AK, area since 2007, this family-owned and operated dentistry is committed to providing quality care and service.

Nizich Family Dental provides general dentistry care, such as comprehensive exams, cleanings, fillings and crowns. They also offer cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth-whitening treatments and Invisalign® teeth straightening.

This dedicated team of dental professionals will do whatever they can to ensure you leave their office happy and sporting a brighter smile. Led by Dr. Tony Nizich, they use the latest technology available, including digital x-rays, so you can rest assured they have the knowledge and equipment necessary for the best possible care and results.

Nizich Family Dental works with people of all ages. They understand that everyone has different dental needs, from regular teeth cleanings to more extensive procedures such as root canals and bridges. No matter your needs, Nizich Family Dental has the experience to make your smile brighter and healthier.

They take pride in running their dental office with professionalism. Trust Nizich Family Dental to provide you with friendly, courteous customer service. They will take the time to talk you through their services so you can be comfortable with any work they perform.

For the most reliable family dentistry in the Juneau area, contact Nizich Family Dental. Call (907) 789-7001 or contact them online to schedule an appointment. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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