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BHI General Contracting

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BHI General Contracting, General Contractors & Builders, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

When it comes to construction, commercial business owners throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana choose to work with BHI General Contracting. Since opening for business 35 years ago as a small operation run by CEO Jim Mitchell in Fairfield, OH, this independently owned business has grown into a respected organization that focuses on providing timely work and personal service.

BHI General Contracting is a one-stop shop for all your contracting needs. As experienced building contractors, they work across industries including retail spaces, restaurants, offices, medical facilities and industrial buildings. Whether you’re looking for a construction management professional to complete your project from the ground up or a general contracting team that can renovate and restore an existing structure, they have the right people to tackle the job with knowledge and care.  

Beyond their vast portfolio of restaurants, storefronts and office spaces, BHI General Contracting is best known for their dedication to every client. They take great pride in exceeding customer expectations by providing timely, quality service at fair rates. With an unparalleled reputation in project management, the bulk of their business is from repeat customers who see the value of working with this trustworthy team.

If you’re looking for a top-notch building contractor who works primarily in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, call BHI General Contracting today at (513) 330-5686 to speak with a member of their team about your upcoming project. For more information on their services, from construction management to restaurant building renovations and storefront maintenance, check out their website.

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