Williamsburg, New York

Samurai Mama

Samurai Mama

205 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 588-6161
Samurai Mama, Japanese Restaurants, Restaurants and Food, Brooklyn, New York

Samurai Mama, located between Bedford Avenue and Driggs Avenue, is one of the most revered Japanese restaurants New York has to offer, known specifically for their hand-made Udon noodles and pork belly.

At Samurai Mama, care and tradition goes into the making of every item on the menu. The Udon soup is carefully prepared over a two-day process; the noodles are made freshly in-house; and the pork "Betty" daikon (or pork belly) is crafted using only the most traditional ingredients. Best of all, Samurai Mama is proud to offer competitive prices that will leave your wallet - and your stomach - full.

Samurai Mama features an extensive sushi, tea, lunch and dinner menu. Private rooms are available for rent. Takeout is also available.

Take a sip of the borth, taste the delicious flavors, and savor the armoas of the ocean, only at Samurai Mama.