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When residents of Dale County need expert residential or commercial tree services, they call Fairview Tree Service. Based in Ozark, AL, these professionals have delivered exceptional work at reasonable rates since 2007.

Residential & Commercial Tree Services

There’s a lot that goes into keeping a tree healthy. That’s why this local company offers a full range of residential and commercial tree services to keep your lawn in top condition year-round. For example, they offer tree pruning and trimming, stump removal, lot clearing, and tree preservation. The Fairview Tree Service team will even help you with insurance paperwork, if necessary.

Emergency Tree Services

As any Ozark local knows, storms can happen without warning, causing broken limbs or fallen trees. Both objects, when left untreated, pose a threat to your home and business. Fortunately, Fairview Tree Service also offers emergency services to protect your property 27 hours a day, seven days a week.

Knowledgeable Specialists

Fairview Tree Services is led by Shane Crooks, an arborist with over 17 years of industry experience. Shane has completed all the local certification tests such as the Forest Applications Training and the Chain Saw Operation Safety and Training Program. Armed with this experience and expertise, Shane and his team will exceed your expectations every time.  

Leave tree care to the professionals. To schedule a service or learn more about their senior citizen, law enforcement, and military discounts, call Fairview Tree Service at (334) 774-0794 today.

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