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Lighthouse Agency Inc., Insurance Agencies, Services, Fairfield, Ohio

Lighthouse Agency Inc. is a general insurance agency located in Fairfield, offering policies all across Ohio. Whether you’re in the need of health, homeowner’s, or car insurance, this company will find a policy tailored to fit both your needs and your budget. They also offer comprehensive money management services to help you plan for the future.

Independent agents are not specifically obligated to serve any particular company, so they are free to research rates and identify the best insurance company for you, saving you both time and money. This agency works with some of the top insurance providers, such as AAA, Aetna, and Progressive, representing your interests as members of a local community. Thanks to the breadth of insurance products they can access, Lighthouse Agency Inc. serves as a one-stop shop where you can insure all of your most valuable belongings.

Not only will they protect you from losses, but they also offer financial analysts to help grow your assets. They’ll help develop a road-map of your future, planning for retirement, children’s future education expenses, or any other financial goals with a suite of savings and investment programs. Navigating the investment market is difficult, even for experts, so let a qualified analyst monitor your portfolio for you.

Lighthouse Agency Inc. is licensed to operate in the greater Cincinnati and the wider tri-state area, so visit them online to learn more about their services or request a free auto insurance quote.

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