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Lafferty Law Office in Conneaut, OH, has served individuals, families, and businesses in the area for 40 years. Attorney Charles N. Lafferty is licensed to practice in both Ohio and Pennsylvania and offers unparalleled legal expertise for the most important times in your life. His expertise spans a wide range of practice areas, from estate and business law to personal injury cases.

When it comes to estate law, Lafferty Law Office has represented clients ranging from small and straightforward to large and complex. As your estate planning attorney, Mr. Lafferty can assist you with the creation of wills, trusts, and any other documents you may need to prepare for the future. Lafferty Law Office is also frequently appointed by the court or retained by clients to provide legal counsel in complex probate law matters.

Mr. Lafferty’s expertise as a personal injury attorney has served victims of negligence for over the last 40 years. He is an aggressive and intelligent negotiator who will fight for a victim’s right to fair and just compensation. When settlements cannot be agreed to outside of court, his skills and experience in litigation can appeal to a judge or jury to secure the compensation his clients deserve.

Some of the most difficult times in our lives are also some of the most important. Not having an experienced attorney on your side could result in unfavorable outcomes that could impact other areas of your life as well. For the strong legal representation you deserve, contact Lafferty Law Office at (440) 593-2309. You can learn more about Mr. Lafferty and the legal services he provides by visiting the firm’s website.

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