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Petzold's Marine Center

Petzold's Marine Center

37 Indian Hill Ave
Portland, CT 06480
(860) 342-1196
Petzold's Marine Center, Boat Dealers, Services, Portland, Connecticut

Owning a boat or yacht is a dream for many people — and understandably so. It can serve as your personal oasis or as a fun place to entertain guests. Whatever your motivation, if you’re interested in a vessel of your own, look to Petzold’s Marine Center in Portland, CT. Since 1945 this boat sales and service center has been known throughout New England for first-class customer care.

Petzold’s Marine Center sells and services both new and used boats and yachts. Popular brands they stock include Sabre, Back Cove, Regal and EdgeWater. You’ll enjoy a relaxed environment in their showroom where the helpful team will answer your questions without pressuring you to make purchases. Their staff also offers a range of brokerage services.

The technical team at Petzold’s Marine Center provides a wide range of yacht and boat maintenance services. Their technicians are all factory-trained by reputable companies such as Volvo, Mercruiser and Yanmar. Whether you need custom electrical installations for your new yacht or boat winterization, these professionals can help.

Petzold’s Marine Center is the one-stop shop for New England’s boat and yacht needs. Call (860) 342-1196 or visit their website to find out more about their new and used merchandise, as well as their technical services. Stay up to date with company events by liking their page on Facebook.

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