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Navab Brothers Oriental Rug Company

Navab Brothers Oriental Rug Company

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Navab Brothers Oriental Rug Company, Rug Retailers, Family and Kids, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Oriental rugs have the power to draw an entire room together. Navab Brothers Oriental Rug Company in St. Louis Park, MN, houses a large selection of gorgeous rugs in a variety of styles like classic, contemporary, and antique. The rug purveyors also provide expert cleaning and maintenance services to help your rug last as long as possible.

The carpet store was started by Esmail Navab Safa and is now run by Sam and Farzan Navab. The brothers are committed to providing the highest level of service to customers, with free carpet cleaning and a lifetime trade policy. They employ rug cleaners, master weavers, and restorers to work in the in-store cleaning and restoring facilities.

Navab Brothers Oriental Rug Company selects its rugs with quality and aesthetic value in mind. Each rug reflects the uniqueness of the artisan who created it, and each brings a special element to the room it’s in. The rug showroom strives to be the source of “art for your floors.”

To learn more about collectible, oriental, and antique rugs, as well as the free rug cleaning and other rug maintenance services offered by Navab Brothers Oriental Rug Company, call the store at (952) 920-9597. To browse some of the beautiful rugs on offer and learn more about the history of the family business, visit the shop online.

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