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Aloha Music School

Aloha Music School

725 Kapiolani Blvd. , Ste 108
Honolulu, HI 96813
Aloha Music School, Music Lessons, Arts and Entertainment, Honolulu, Hawaii

As home to the largest classical guitar selection on the island, Aloha Music School in Honolulu, HI, has been offering quality music instruction for 13 years and is your one and only area location for electone lessons.

With 15 instructors on staff available to teach eight diverse types of instruments, one-on-one sessions are offered to children as young as age 3. All lessons are customized to fit each student’s goals and skill level. They offer private lessons for ages 4 and up in the violin, viola, voice, guitar, ukulele and electone. Piano lessons start at age 3, and cello lessons begin at age 6.

Only the highest quality instruments are sold at Aloha Music School, including violins, acoustic guitars, classical guitars and ukuleles. They have a free six-month maintenance warranty and a 30% discount for customers who buy an instrument and book lessons. They also carry miniature pianos, electric guitars and harps.

For beginners, Aloha Music School provides affordable instrument rental. They also offer services such as restringing, restoring, polishing and adjustments for all string instruments.

Stop by Aloha Music School today or call (808) 728-6713 to find out more about their services. Find more details about their lessons online and like their page on Facebook for reviews and videos.

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