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Whether you need your home in Port Chester, NY, to be cool and comfortable or warm and cozy, Arctic Mechanical Heating & Cooling has your solution. This family-owned and -operated business proudly services HVAC systems in the Tri-State area for both residential and commercial property owners. They keep air conditioning systems up and running during the hottest days of summer, and their quality ductless heating systems combat winter’s lowest temperatures.

Arctic Mechanical Heating & Cooling first opened their doors in 1997, and they’ve spent the last two decades building their well-known reputation as a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. They’re known throughout the area for providing reliable services at affordable prices, and their team of 27 employees is trained to put customer needs above all else. Technicians have experience with the best brands of cooling and heating system equipment, and they also complete regular training to keep up with changing technology.

Maintaining a comfortable interior temperature is necessary for both home and business owners. Arctic Mechanical Heating & Cooling offers several options that get the job done while saving money and energy. Ductless heating and cooling is used in many new construction buildings, and ductless mini split systems can also be installed in older properties. Arctic Mechanical Heating & Cooling will give honest feedback about whether a new ductless AC is right for your property. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, Mitsubishi ACs are their specialty, and they also install wireless thermostats.

Free in-home estimates and superior customer service are always included when you choose to hire Arctic Mechanical Heating & Cooling. Ask a licensed technician for expert HVAC system advice by calling (914) 934-8301. You’ll also learn more about ductless heating and cooling services on their website.

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