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Fillman Law Offices, LLC

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Fillman Law Offices, LLC, Attorneys, Services, York, Nebraska

A full-service law firm that was established in 1958, Fillman Law Offices, LLC, strives to meet the legal needs of York, Nebraska residents and businesses. The firm represents clients in a variety of practice areas, including estate planning, family law, personal injury, bankruptcy, and civil and criminal litigation matters.

Fillman Law Offices, LLC, has three lawyers on staff who are dedicated to providing the highest-quality legal service:

  • Gordon B. Fillman: Attorney Gordon Fillman established the firm in 1958 after serving in the Navy as a legal officer. He is an expert on wills, trusts, real estate law, and business law.
  • Steven B. Fillman: Attorney Steven Fillman joined the firm in 1997 after serving as Navy prosecutor and defense counsel in the Navy JAG Corps in Washington D.C. He handles civil litigation for the firm, overseeing cases on family law, divorce, custody, personal injury, landlord-tenant disputes, and more.
  • Lisa Meyer: Having joined the firm in 2011, Attorney Meyer practices in the areas of family law, divorce, child custody, bankruptcy law, juvenile law, landlord-tenant disputes, civil litigation, and general law.

For questions about legal matters, contact the attorneys during business hours from Monday to Friday. You can reach Fillman Law Offices, LLC, at (402) 362-3618 or visit the firm online to learn more about what they do.

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