Oxford, Connecticut

Brookside Inn Restaurant

Brookside Inn Restaurant

231 Oxford Rd.
Oxford, CT 06478
Brookside Inn Restaurant, Seafood Restaurants, Restaurants and Food, Oxford, Connecticut

Tucked away in a quiet Connecticut town, Brookside Inn Restaurant has been cooking up the best Italian fare since 1954. As the owners of this establishment, the Morgatto family works hard to maintain the principles a family should be built on—trust, happiness, and great food!  

Step inside Brookside Inn Restaurant for a sense of family and belonging. You’ll receive professional service by their experienced staff, many of which have been with the restaurant for 10 years or longer. Thought of as part of the Morgatto family, those same friendly faces will greet you every time you dine.  

When it comes to taste, they let their food do the talking. By using only the best ingredients and preparation methods, they have created a menu that can’t be beat. They offer homemade Italian dishes and a variety of seafood as well as several signature entrees well-known throughout the community.

They also feature a full-service bar, deck and private banquet area that allows them to accommodate any occasion. When you dine at Brookside Inn Restaurant, you’re sure to have an authentic Italian experience.

Enjoy an evening out at Brookside Inn Restaurant in Oxford, CT, tonight! If you have questions about their menu and services, give them a call at (203) 888-2272 or visit them online.


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