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Myers, Singer & Galiardo is a Manhattan law firm founded by a team of trial lawyers. Specializing in personal injury law, criminal defense and boasting all the attributes of premier accident attorneys, this firm has proven their expertise by getting results for clients.

Individuals suffering from injuries can rest assured this team will vigorously represent their case. Horrendous as it sounds, many people cannot amicably settle with the responsible party and then are additionally burdened with the long lasting effects of a serious accident. The firm is keenly aware of the difficulties facing their innocent clients and that is why Myers, Singer & Galiardo choose individual clients over corporations. Without a doubt, individual representation is the foundation of their success.

Criminal defense for possession, larceny, fraud and embezzlement are also covered by Myers, Singer & Galiardo. Additionally, their firm has extensive experience defending clients against police misconduct. Excessive force has been a worrisome trend in recent times and only the best criminal defense attorneys will restore a sense of justice. The old adage, “innocent until proven guilty," as lost much of its luster in the modern court room and leaving criminal defense up to a nonchalant lawyer can have disastrous results. With Myers, Singer & Galiardo, clients have a firm that prides themselves on zealous and diligent representation.

Solid legal representation dedicated to getting your best verdict is their promise. Automobile accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice and a host of other injuries are all covered by these premier personal injury lawyers. No case is too small to capture their attention. If you think you may be in need of an accident lawyer or criminal defense attorney call (212) 986-5900 or visit Myers, Singer & Galiardo online for more information. 

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The Manhattan law firm of Myers, Singer & Galiardo provides legal council on personal injury law and criminal defense. Central to their ethos is a long-standing commitment more