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B Sales Trucking, Excavation, Pumping & Plumbing Services, Plumbing, Services, Makawao, Hawaii

Serving Makawao, Hawaii, B Sales Trucking, Excavation, Pumping & Plumbing Services is a locally owned and operated commercial and residential contractor that specializes in septic systems, excavation, trucking and plumbing services. Whatever type of job needs doing, this team of plumbers and septic contractors has the machinery, tools and expertise needed to get it done right. They offer free estimates, and strive to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum, so that the customer gets the best possible service for the lowest price.

Area restaurants turn to B Sales Trucking, Excavation, Pumping & Plumbing Services for grease trap installation, maintenance and pumping, and locals can find a full range of plumbing services: everything from drain snaking to fixing those leaky pipes. Furthermore, the contractors at B Sales are also able to install solar panels, reflecting a commitment to providing the latest technological innovations. Why risk it with anyone else when this company has a proven track record of work well done and satisfied customers?

Knowing that their customers demand more from their contractors, and that they do not want to be pandered to or made to feel ignorant, B Sales Trucking, Excavation, Pumping & Plumbing Services is committed to being upfront and direct with their clients. They are committed to doing right by the people of Makawao. Call (808) 264-3281 for more about the services provided or to schedule a free estimate. 

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