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Living with a hearing impairment brings specific challenges to everyday life. In addition to impacting your communication ability in person, at work, or when talking on the phone, hearing impairments can also make it hard to do things you love like watching television or listening to music. Fortunately, Solbrig Hearing Center offers state-of-the-art hearing treatment to people throughout the greater Kerrville, Texas area.

For over 15 years, Solbrig Hearing Center has provided in-depth hearing evaluations and a wide range of listening devices to people who struggle with hearing problems. In addition to offering amplified telephones, TV ears, and other personal amplifying devices, this hearing treatment center also offers modern digital hearing aids that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. If you are concerned about protecting your hearing, you can take advantage of Solbrig Hearing Center’s inventory of protective devices, including custom ear muffs and ear plugs.

Because hearing equipment can be costly, Solbrig Hearing Center also offers maintenance and repairs for virtually all brands of listening devices and protective equipment. Whether you need to have a device refitted or you are concerned about a new issue, the experts at Solbrig Hearing Center can help you to save money and prevent ongoing problems by fixing your device.

Their experienced audiologists understand how emotional it can be to live with a hearing impairment, which is why they will do everything in their power to keep you comfortable and happy during your visit. Patients are never pressured into receiving tests or devices that they don’t need, and Solbrig Hearing Center works with a wide range of insurance companies to reduce your costs.  

Their team of professionals can help you to get the bottom of your hearing loss so you can live a fuller life. For more information about hearing impairment or to schedule a consultation with an audiologist, visit Solbrig Hearing Center online or call (830) 895-5900.

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