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Thailand Cuisine 2

70 E Ka'ahumanu Avenue
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 873-0225
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Thailand Cuisine is the best place in Hawaii to get delicious, authentic, and original Thai dishes for either lunch or dinner. Thailand Cuisine has earned a reputation for its bright flavors and fresh ingredients which translate to mouthwatering dishes that will keep you coming back for more. With locations in Kahului and Kihei, Thailand Cuisine has become one of the best-known Thai restaurants on the island!

You can’t go wrong when you pick from Thailand Cuisine’s extensive menu, but customers rave about a few favorites over and over again. Their pad Thai is a classic dish that offers a choice of chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp depending on your mood. Seafood lovers also enjoy the red curry fish, which comes out simmering in a delicious red curry sauce bursting with flavor. If you’re in the mood for beef, the chef recommends the Thai Basil Sauce or the Thai Panang Curry. But with so many curries, sauces, and flavors, you’ll have to come back a few different times before you can decide on your favorite.

If small dishes and appetizers are your cup of tea, then you’ll love the starters and salads sections on this Thai restaurant’s impressive menu. Green Mussels Delight and Crispy Calamari are ideal for those craving seafood while Angel Wings, Satay B.B.Q., and the Yum Nuer Beef Salad are the right choices for those desiring a mouthwatering meat dish. Of course, those who can’t decide at all will find comfort in the Combination Plate, which has a little bit of everything to keep your tastebuds dancing in delight.

Vegetarians go crazy for Thailand Cuisine, because many of their vegetables and tasty sauces work perfectly with a vegetarian diet. That being said, they also offer a separate menu of only vegetarian food to ensure that they meet the needs of all of their patrons! Vegetarian lovers will enjoy the Thai Favorite Pad Pet Tofu, the Ginger Coconut Tofu Soup, and the Pad Thai Tofu options, among many others.

For the best Thai Restaurant in Kihei and Kahului, visit Thailand Cuisine today! Call the Kahului branch at (808) 873-0225 or the Kihei branch at (808) 875-0839 to learn more about their excellent Thai dishes and superior customer service. Or, visit them online to see their full menu in its entirety!

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