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The safety of your family, property and belongings depends upon the exterior security of your home. At Valley Isle Screen in Kahului, HI, you'll find a wide selection of screen doors that not only provide excellent protection for your home, but also add a stylish new look to your home décor.


Proudly serving the whole island of Maui, Valley Isle Screen offers a variety of high-quality products and services, including:

  • Screen doors
  • Security doors and windows
  • Do-It-Yourself supplies and advice
  • Stylish designs
  • Screen door and window repair
  • And more!

The team at Valley Isle Screen is dedicated to helping every customer make the best purchase decision to suit the specific needs of their home. Their industry experts will work with you to find the perfect windows and doors that not only provide the right fit for your home décor, but also fit into your desired price range. Valley Isle Screen also provides expert window treatments and screen repairs, which is why they're known island-wide as the "Screen Doctor."

People sometimes overlook the importance of screen doors, either from a safety perspective or a decorative one – or perhaps both. But the professionals at Valley Isle Screen are well aware of just how much safety, convenience and beauty the right screen can bring to any home. To see this for yourself simply stop into their Kahului location, where you can also receive a demonstration of just how effective (and affordable) their security screen doors really are. If you'd like more information, you can visit Valley Isle Screen online or call them in Kahului at (808) 877-3054, or in Kihei at (808) 879-7881. 


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