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Barrington-Park Dermatological Associates, P.C.

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Barrington-Park Dermatological Associates, P.C.

220 Linden Oaks , #300
Rochester, NY 14625
Barrington-Park Dermatological Associates, P.C., Dermatologists, Health and Beauty, Rochester, New York

Since opening for business over 80 years ago, Barrington Park Dermatological Associates has helped care for hundreds of children and adults with skin issues. Based in Rochester, New York, this experienced dermatologist specializes in helping patients with a wide range of skin issues, from acne and warts to precancerous moles and skin cancer.

What sets the team at Barrington Park Dermatological Associates apart from other practices is their commitment to each and every patient. When you see a dermatologist at their center, you’ll receive unparalleled care as well as an in-depth explanation of your unique skin type. After all, skin-related issues can be confusing and stressful to patients at any age. To properly put each client at ease, a dermatologist at Barrington Park Dermatological Associates will walk you through your skin issues, what might cause them, and how your course of treatment will alleviate any issues on a long-term basis.

Beyond a genuine commitment and compassion for their patients, Barrington Park Dermatological Associates believes in offering the latest acne and skin cancer treatments and services. As leaders in the field, every dermatologist on staff stays active within the dermatology community and liaises with other professionals to ensure their practice offers the very best in terms of care, products, equipment, and treatment. Every time you walk through the doors of Barrington Park Dermatological Associates, you’re guaranteed the best experience, from friendly customer service in a welcoming environment to top-notch products and equipment used to treat your skin.

If you live in the greater Rochester area and you’re looking for a professional, highly skilled dermatologist who specializes in treating acne, skin cancer, and warts, call Barrington Park Dermatological Associates today at (585) 383-4420 to schedule your next appointment. For additional information on this dermatologist center and how they can help treat your acne or skin issues, visit their website.