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Dr. Deborah L. Schafer DDS, MS

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Dr. Deborah L. Schafer DDS, MS, Orthodontist, Health and Beauty, Wayland, New York

Achieving a straighter smile does more than just improve your appearance. It can also improve your oral health by reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as jaw complications. At Dr. Deborah L. Schafer, DDS, MS, Dr. Schafer and her team offer a range of orthodontic treatments to give you a straighter and healthier smile. Since opening her Wayland, NY, practice in 1993, she has offered personalized treatment to both children and adults.

As an orthodontist, Dr. Schafer’s goal is to give her patients a straighter smile in the most efficient manner possible. She understands many patients prefer modern orthodontics compared with traditional teeth straightening options like metal braces, which is why she offers Invisalign®. These clear aligners can help patients with mild to moderate misalignment achieve a straighter smile in a shorter period of time, and without any discomfort or dietary restrictions.

Many patients with misaligned teeth also suffer from bruxism, or nightly teeth grinding or clenching. This not only wears on the teeth, eroding the enamel, but it can also lead to cracks and other damage, and can cause significant jaw pain. To address bruxism, Dr. Schafer can provide patients with custom mouth guards, most of which are worn at night, to alleviate pain and prevent damage. Combining this treatment with orthodontics when needed can go a long way in providing pain relief.

At Dr. Deborah L. Schafer, DDS, MS, every member of Dr. Schafer’s team is committed to providing quality and efficient service. No matter your age or orthodontic needs, you can feel confident you are in good hands at Dr. Schafer’s office. To learn more about the services she provides, you can visit her website. If you are ready to feel more confident with a straighter smile, contact Dr. Schafer’s office at (585) 728-3830.

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