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Experimac Pittsburgh, Computer Repair, Services, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The experts at Experimac Pittsburgh are Alleghany County’s number one go-to source for Apple® products. Staffed with qualified masters of Mac repair, this service center can diagnose and fix problems with any and all types of Apple devices, such as desktops, laptops, iPads®, and iPhones®. Whether you need iPhone screen repair or have a sluggish iMac, this team will get you connected again with fast and affordable assistance.

If you need Mac repair in or around Ross Township, PA, Experimac Pittsburgh has all the knowledge, tools, and parts to restore your computer’s functionality. For example, they can assist in hard drive repair, data recovery, network configuration, LCD screen replacements, and optical drive repair. Or if you simply want to boost your computing power, these pros can perfect your system’s performance with hard drive, software, and memory upgrades.

Apart from desktop and laptop repair, this computer store specializes in troubleshooting problems affecting smaller Apple products, as well. For example, their cell phone repair services can resolve microphone, screen, and water damage problems affecting all generations of iPhones that are iPhone 4 or higher. They also offer the same level of expertise when it comes to tablet repair problems, providing reliable solutions for iPads, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro models.

Committed to customer service, Experimac Pittsburgh tackles problems of all sizes, including large-scale challenges affecting business clients. While they carry a high track-record of satisfaction, their work also comes with a 90-day warranty so you can have added peace of mind in your repair services.

If your Apple products are beyond repair, Experimac Pittsburgh can set you up with certified pre-owned Apple devices and computers for sale. Their refurbished computers are restored with impeccable attention to detail, allowing you to get high-powered technology for a fraction of the new product price. They also offer phone trade-in services for those who are ready to move-on from their older model.

Visit Experimac Pittsburgh online to learn more about their extensive Mac and cell phone repair services available to customers throughout the Pittsburgh, PA, area. If you have questions about your Apple products or are searching for specific computers for sale, contact a trusted team member at (412) 548-3078.

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