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Employer's Options Temporary & Permanent Placement

Employer's Options Temporary & Permanent Placement

111 Hana Hwy #111
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 877-6555
Employer's Options Temporary & Permanent Placement, Staffing Agencies, Services, Kahului, Hawaii

Hawaii is hiring, and Employer's Options Temporary & Permanent Placement is here to connect the best businesses with talented employees. Whether you’re a professional looking for job openings or a business manager in need of temporary staffing, this leading employment agency is your best resource for workers you can count on.

If you’re a local business owner, Employer's Options Temporary & Permanent Placement makes hiring employees a breeze. Supported by some of the best human resources professionals in Maui, this temp agency will quickly fill job openings with the skilled individuals you need. If you’re filling a permanent role, they’ll assist with every aspect of executive recruitment and direct hire processes. Beyond basic hiring, the team covers all the bases to support your employment needs, including risk management, workplace safety training, payroll services, and filing disability insurance or workers’ compensation claims.

Possessing strong relationships with numerous local businesses across all industries, this employment agency provides extensive support for Maui job seekers. In addition to their comprehensive list of job openings, registered candidates can turn to this team to find both temporary and permanent work to fit your abilities and availability. You may also discover opportunities to develop skills through invaluable employee training programs.

Employer's Options Temporary & Permanent Placement makes it a priority to make both employers and employees happy. That’s why they not only offer in-depth human resources services for their clients but also employee benefits to qualifying candidates. With a focus on accuracy and speed, their staffing agents are known to provide quick communication to help solve any of your hiring challenges.

Based in Kahului, HI, Employer's Options Temporary & Permanent Placement offers their services to companies and candidates throughout Oahu and beyond. If you’re a job seeker beginning to explore your opportunities, start by checking out their job openings online. If you’re an employer looking for stress-free recruitment services, contact them at (808) 877-6555. 

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