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Economy Moving & Storage is a Cincinnati based moving company that prides itself in being the most qualified and careful residential and home movers in the area. Able to do both long distance and local jobs, they aim to keep moving prices down and provide a full range of services. Knowing that no two customers are alike, their fully insured moving staffers work with each one to make sure that moving is well organized, stress free and happens in the agreed upon time span. They also provide moving assistance, and their staff can be hired to help with packing boxes.

For clients who have fragile or very expensive belongings, Economy Moving & Storage also offers special crating services and will figure out the safest transport options for them. They can provide all of the materials one might need for a move, including boxes, bubble wrap, masking tape, and mattress covers. In addition, they rent out climate-controlled, secure storage units for short or long term, perfect for periods of transition. This company can also arrange long distance moves anywhere in the 50 states. 

Customers of Economy Moving & Storage have noted the professionalism and friendliness of their staff. Relocating a home or office doesn’t have to be stressful; this company has the facilities, tools and staff to make moving a painless experience.

For a detailed listing of all of their services, visit Economy Moving & Storage’s website today, and, for a free estimate, call (513)753-6683.


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