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Whether you’re playing a new board game with a group of close friends or revisiting an old favorite family game night, there’s no better way to test your skills and have fun. No one understands this better than the experts at Mr. B Games. Founded in 2004, this company strives to produce the finest strategy games in the industry and keep their customers entertained.

Mr. B Games was the brainchild of an avid gamer in Colorado. Sean Brown has been playing board games all his life. By 2005, he was selling “Teraforming,” his company’s first title, at Gen Con, the nation’ leading tabletop game convention. Brown later worked producers to design and distribute new board games to customers throughout the country. In 2014, he returned to Mr. B Games and has been creating games that capture players’ imaginations ever since.

The company’s titles include “Spurs,” “Alien Uprising,” and “WarQuest.” Recognized by Dice Tower’s 2014 Top 10 Family Games List, “Spurs” presents players with a Western-themed adventure where they participate in cattle herding, bank robbing, and real-time gun duels to reach the end of the game. “Alien Uprising” is a multiplayer game that encourages teamwork to keep everyone alive and to repair the ship before the aliens take over. “WarQuest” is a fantasy game set in Myrathia; players must complete quests and engage in battles to reunite their broken land.

The next time you’re in the market for an innovative new board game, check out the titles available from Mr. B Games. These professionals are passionate about strategy games will be happy to answer your questions. Visit their website to browse the online store and learn more about upcoming titles.

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