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Accidental spills, muddy pawprints, and constant foot traffic can prematurely age your floors. When people in Arlington and Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas want to restore the appearance of stained, scuffed, and dingy surfaces, they call Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaners for help. For more than 30 years, the family-owned and -operated company has been providing area residents with high-quality, efficient carpet cleaning, pet odor removal, and wood floor cleaning solutions to keep floors looking their best.

The professionals at this local cleaning company know buying and installing carpets, area rugs, wood flooring, and tile can be expensive. You can trust the trained technicians to provide a thorough cleaning so that you won’t suffer a loss on your investment. Many household cleaning products promise to remove stains but leave light spots behind. The Cosmopolitan team will deliver where other remedies fell short. They only use commercial-grade products that successfully penetrate hard-to-remove stains without damaging carpet fibers or wood grain. If pet accidents have left a foul odor on the carpet, the cleaning specialists have the equipment and experience to treat areas and remove stench-creating urine enzymes.

Not all stains are caused by pet and human blunders. Excessive moisture in bathrooms will damage grout and cause water spots to form on the tile. If your bathroom needs some tender love and care, the team will tackle this job, too.

What sets Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaners apart from similar companies is their commitment to providing customers with the best solutions for their needs. From the initial phone call to the day of service, they want you to truly be happy with the experience. Whether you need to clean a prized Oriental rug, an upholstered piece of furniture, or floor, the carpet cleaning professionals will always discuss the treatment plan with you ahead of time.

To schedule a service appointment for carpet cleaning or additional service in Fort Worth, Arlington, or the surrounding areas, call (817) 265-9031 to speak with a customer service representative today. Visit Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaners online to discover the many ways they will make your floor look new again. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for updated news and announcements.

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