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Ice Age Mechanical Corp., Air Conditioning, Services, Brooklyn, New York

With today’s rising energy costs, customers find a welcome difference in the efficient and affordable heating and cooling services offered by Ice Age Mechanical in Brooklyn, NY. Their goal is to provide you with outstanding HVAC solutions designed to help you get the most out of your monthly energy costs. Their commitment to service and competitively-priced cooling and heating systems have made them one of Kings County’s leading companies. If you’ve been searching for a reliable air conditioning company committed to your best interests, Ice Age Mechanical should be your first call.

As industry experts, these experts will work side-by-side with you to explore all of your heating and cooling options, even identifying state and federal tax incentives for owners of energy-efficient homes. If you’re having a new cooling and heating system installed, the professionals from Ice Age Mechanical carry a wide variety and offer extensive rebates for those who qualify. In addition to these money-saving solutions, Ice Age Mechanical also offers financing options and flexible payment plans designed to fit your budget.

Ice Age Mechanical specializes in the latest energy-efficient heating and cooling technology, such as the ductless AC systems available from Mitsubishi®. In addition to their ductless HVAC solutions, Ice Age Mechanical can also equip you with wireless thermostat options, allowing you to control the temperature in every room no matter where you are using your wireless device. Ice Age Mechanical knows that even the best machine requires routine maintenance, which is why their technicians also provide preventative maintenance and tuneup service through their Polar Prevention program; you’ll also be privy to exclusive discounts and priority service as a member.

To learn more about the affordable heating and cooling options available from Ice Age Mechanical, call them today at (718) 509-9594. You can also visit them online to learn more about their financing options.

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