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Maintaining an appropriate temperature in your home or business is essential to your comfort and health. For your indoor air to remain at an agreeable temperature during any season, you need an HVAC system that is in excellent working condition. For quality HVAC installations, repairs, and services for residential and commercial clients in Stamford, CT, trust Controlled Temperatures Inc.

In your home, a reliable HVAC system is a necessity. During the winter months, a broken furnace can mean uncomfortable days and freezing nights. On scorching summer days, a damaged air conditioning system can make staying indoors unbearable.

With Controlled Temperatures Inc., however, you won’t have to live with the discomfort for weeks or even days following the malfunction of your HVAC unit. Their staff is available 24/7 to offer immediate assessment and repair of your faulty furnace or air conditioning system.

A damaged furnace or AC unit in your business may result in significant financial losses. If the indoor temperature is too cold during the winter, it can keep clients from visiting your business. Alternatively, if it becomes too hot in your store or office, it can damage electronics and other merchandise.

Having a reliable heating and air conditioning system installed in your business, including AC controllers, air handlers, and furnaces, and having your HVAC unit routinely serviced, will help to minimize and eliminate costly breakdowns. To request residential or commercial HVAC services from Controlled Temperatures Inc., call (203) 348-9141 for a free estimate. For additional information regarding the company and their staff qualifications, visit the website

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