Murray Hill, New York



346 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 983-0000
Nirvana, Asian Restaurants, Restaurants and Food, New York, New York

Nirvana is a unique Indian cuisine restaurant nestled in the heart of the Murray Hill neighborhood that caters to offering a dynamic and holistic dining experience. Offering much more than the name suggests, Nirvana is a mindset that one exists in, and this quaint Indian restaurant creates the perfect escape with a touch of Indian culinary bliss!

The extensive menu features a wide array of familiar classics like spicy vindaloos, tandoori entrées and slow-cooked vegetable dishes. Nirvana also serves lunch and dinner items including a 16-course Buffet Brunch, Lunch Boxes to Go, soups, salads, accompaniments and more! Whether you are out with coworkers for a lunch break or indulging in a dinner for two, the freshly prepared Indian food and perfect blend of spices are sure to quench any appetite.

Each dish is seasoned to perfection and the rich atmosphere is what makes Nirvana an upscale Indian cuisine restaurant that New Yorkers love to visit! The staff is friendly and the service is quick with attentive servers to deliver a tailored menu suited for a wide range of palettes and a moderate budget. Guided by a brick-walled setting and the first floor's mod bar and lounge, the vibe that Nirvana gives off is one of meditative clarity. The upstairs dining room's colorful energy also adds to its ambiance, matched with romantic tea lights and a bronze bust of Buddha himself. Nirvana is simply an unforgettable dining experience that is a lot like heaven!

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