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From high winds to heavy rain, Hawaii’s fluctuating weather patterns can have a serious impact on your trees and property safety. When people on Maui need to remove broken branches or uprooted trunks, they turn to the professionals at DeCoite Tree Service for assistance. Locally owned, the company provides high-quality, affordable tree trimming, maintenance, and land clearing throughout the island.

Even if storms don’t topple trees, they still leave damage in their wake. Broken limbs don’t only weaken tree structure, but they can also lead to pest infestations, rot, disease, and additional problems. If you suspect trees are vulnerable, DeCoite Tree Service’s technicians have the equipment and industry know-how to remove them safely. They also provide tree pruning to restore crowns and stump removal to prevent accidents.

Do you need to remove overgrown trees before they damage sewer lines? Is a thick wilderness slowing down your home addition, office building, or parking lot construction? If so, the team will assist with that, too. Land Prep, their subsidiary company, has more than 20 years of experience providing commercial and residential land clearing to make room for new developments and enhance the beauty of natural landscapes.

What sets DeCoite Tree service apart from similar companies is their commitment to helping customers whenever they need it. If a tree falls in the middle of the night, the team offers 24-hour emergency assistance so your property, family, employees, or household are not at risk.

To learn more about tree service solutions available on Maui or schedule an appointment with DeCoite Tree Service, call (808) 573-2756 today. Visit them online to discover how they will keep trees healthy while boosting your property’s value and curb appeal.  

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