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With nearly three decades of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, attorney Mike Hamilton has seen it all. From minor traffic infractions to major felony charges, the Law Office of Mike Hamilton in Columbia, MO, helps clients facing a vast array of criminal problems. 

Mike Hamilton served as the District Public Defender in Fulton, MO, for almost 20 years, giving him extensive trial experience and a strong foundation in criminal law. Today, his private practice defends client facing all kinds of charges, including murder, robbery, drug possession, probation violation, and DUI. At the end of the day, there are no charges too minor or severe to take to attorney Mike Hamilton.

If you need a DWI, MIP lawyer or felony attorney in Missouri, you can rely on the legal team at the Law Office of Mike Hamilton to guide you through every step of the criminal proceedings. During your free consultation, Mr. Hamilton will assess your case and let you know what kind of penalties you are facing, so, together, you can determine the best way to proceed. You will receive personalized one-on-one attention at the initial meeting, and you can rely on getting this same kind of care throughout the duration of your proceedings.

At the Law Office of Mike Hamilton, you will get so much more than legal advice; you will get results. As your defense attorney, Mr. Hamilton will do everything in his power to achieve the best outcome possible for your particular situation. Check out his website to learn more about his background in criminal law, and call (573) 875-5698 to schedule a free initial consultation with a drug lawyer today.

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