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Tropilicious Ice Cream Shop

Our tropical ice creams and sorbets are made locally and inspired by the abundance of flavors of the Islands.

Tropilicious Ice Cream Shop

439 Kalihi St
Honolulu, HI 96819
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No matter what day it is in beautiful Honolulu, HI, given the sea-salt breeze and warm sun, it’s always the perfect time for ice cream. And when it comes to handcrafted, creamy, quality ice cream and sherbet, no one does it better than Tropilicious Ice Cream Shop. From Azuki Bean ice cream to Hi Hing Mango sherbet, every magical creation is inspired by the flavors of the island.  

Since 1995, the friendly staff at the locally owned and operated ice cream shop has put smiles on customers’ faces. Whether you’re enjoying a bit of guava sorbet, lychee sherbet, or toasted coconut ice cream, every menu item is handcrafted in-house with the freshest, highest quality ingredients and coveted original recipes.

They don’t mass produce these flavors in large vats; instead, they guarantee flavor and quality by perfecting them in small, handmade batches. From the churning to serving, every step of the process is filled with love and care. These culinary aficionados love their island community, and their way of giving back is by spreading smiles and mouthwatering flavors.

Over the years, the ice cream shop has become known as the premier destination for handcrafted decadence made with the spirit of Hawaii in mind. As the area’s favorite ice cream maker, the selection of ice creams and sorbets are also served on airlines, cruise lines, and restaurants in the area.

For a unique treat infused with the flavors of Hawaii, look no further than Tropilicious Ice Cream Shop. Buy it by the pint or the cone—it’s always delicious! To learn more, call today at (808) 847-1750 or check out the website.

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