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Kimberly M Johnson M.D., FACOG

Kimberly M Johnson M.D., FACOG

49 cleveland St., # 240
Crossville, TN 38555
Kimberly M Johnson M.D., FACOG, Obgyn, Health and Beauty, Crossville, Tennessee

From professional careers to motherhood, women are accustomed to juggling many diverse elements in their lives. It can be easy to get caught up in taking care of these elements and, consequently, forget to care of yourself. Kimberly M Johnson M.D., FACOG is on hand to help women manage their health with top-quality obstetrics and gynecology care. Located in Crossville, TN, this women’s health center serves Putnam, White, and Cumberland Counties, and beyond.

Kimberly M Johnson M.D., FACOG helps women from all walks of life—and in all stages of life. Whether you simply want a routine pap smear, are facing your first pregnancy, or need somebody to help safely deliver your baby upon arrival, the professionals at this OB-GYN clinic will be happy to help you. A full list of services offered can be found online.

Dr. Johnson is an experienced, board-certified obstetrics and gynecology practitioner. She is devoted to not only providing her patients with compassionate service, but also to giving them the best standard of care possible using the latest technologies. A lifelong resident of Tennessee, she is driven by a desire to help women in her home state receive safe and affordable health services.

Kimberly M Johnson M.D., FACOG believes that money should not stand in the way when it comes to health. This private practice accepts most insurance plans; if you don’t have coverage, the staff will work with you to figure out payment options. Visit the Crossville, TN, clinic’s website to find out more about Dr. Johnson and her obstetrics and gynecology services. For an appointment, call (931) 456-5814.

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