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Scheduling regular doctor and dental care appointments are critical for the wellness of you and your family. The award-winning HealthPoint Family Care  makes it easy for patients in Northern Kentucky, and surrounding communities to get the medical attention they need in a professional and accommodating environment.  

HealthPoint Family Care goes beyond offering standard check-ups with a family doctor. They use a holistic approach to health by providing dental care services such as teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and fillings. They also specialize in women’s health with OB-GYN services, giving women a place to go for Pap screenings, family planning, and pregnancy care. When it comes to medical services, the professional staff also offers immunizations and wellness check-ups for people of all ages.  Additionally, HealthPoint Family Care is a supportive and discreet destination for behavioral health and substance abuse treatments for alcohol, opiates, and other drugs.    

The board-certified providers at HealthPoint Family Care know their patients have busy schedules. That’s why they strive to offer same-day appointments. They provide quality healthcare at affordable prices, and their patients tend to agree, rating HealthPoint Family Care with four out of four stars. They also operate on a sliding scale based on income and family size.

Don’t put off your medical, mental health, and dental care needs any longer. Talk to a friendly staff member at HealthPoint Family Care by calling (859) 655-6100. Ask them about a same-day appointment with a doctor so you can get quality care quickly. You can also visit their website to view the array of services they offer to suit the whole community.

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