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Finding a farm and garden store that stocks everything from today’s leading hydroponic equipment to organic Alaskan soil mix can be frustrating. It’s for this reason, Alaska Farm & Garden in Anchorage takes tremendous pride in what they do.  As the area’s leading garden store, they offer everything you need under one roof. If you’re looking for the biggest selection of garden supplies at prices that can’t be beaten, Alaska Farm & Garden is your best choice.

Alaska Farm & Garden knows farming in a frontier state like Alaska poses particular difficulties, which is why they’re committed to helping every customer find the right solution for their gardening requirements. Whether you need to set up an indoor garden to grow your award-winning hothouse tomatoes or only want to purchase some gardening tools, you’ll be treated with the same outstanding level of service provided to all of their customers. Alaska Farm & Garden knows that not all Alaskans are on the road system, so for your convenience, we offer shipping anywhere in Alaska.  

In today’s fast-paced world, no one has time to run from place to place to find the right gardening supplies, which is why Alaska Farm & Garden stocks everything you’d ever want at their location. For those who require gardening equipment, they carry all of today’s leading brands of hydroponic gear, organic soil, grow lights, greenhouses as well as nutrients to ensure the best possible results.

They mind their own soil to provide custom soil mixes upon request, so any unique growing needs you may have, Alaska Farm & Garden is always happy to accommodate. Because they stand by the products they sell, everything carried by Alaska Farm & Garden is covered by an extensive in-house warranty. Alaska Farm & Garden also understands the needs of today’s modern farmer and as such, stocks many products in bulk, offering additional discounts for commercial enterprises.

If you’ve been searching for a gardening superstore that offers personalized services and unbeatable customer care, contact the professionals from Alaska Farm & Garden today at (907) 562-7777. You can also visit them online for a closer look at their inventory.

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