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With custom mixes of quality livestock feed, outdoor power equipment, and farm supplies, Gregg Farm Services is the premier feed and farm equipment store in the Midway, AR, area. The store’s expansive inventory includes many items for those who do not own a farm. This local business offers products every property owner needs, and their affordable prices and helpful staff make browsing their aisles a worthwhile experience.

Gregg Farm Services is a place for farmers, gardeners, animal owners, and anyone else with a yard, flower garden, or outdoor area. They stock professional mowing equipment alongside handheld tools including Cub Cadet® lawn tractors and Stihl® chainsaws. In the feed store, they receive weekly deliveries of raw materials. Mill employees mix and flavor it to make custom feed and house blends to sell by the pound, bag, or ton. Their aisles are also lined with everything you need regarding herbicides, farrier supplies, and horse tack.

You’ll find the tools and supplies you need for the farm at Gregg Farm Services, and you also have their team of experts for advice and support. If you require tips on how to make your garden flourish, they’ll direct you to products that will give your plants new life. Seasonal products are often available year-round, and they’ll be happy to add your special request to their manufacturer orders.

Whether you manage a large commercial farm or want to get back into gardening, Gregg Farm Services has what you need. Call them at (870) 481-5165 to ask about products and services at the feed store and power shop. You’ll also find monthly specials on their website.

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