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Whether you want to design the home, apartment complex, or shopping center of your dreams, you need an experienced and qualified architect to get the job done right. In Aiea, HI, Blue Hawaii Drafting Services, Inc. is the premier choice for residential and commercial clients alike. When you need quality architecture and construction services, this experienced team is prepared to expertly execute every aspect of your project. 

As a Design Build Company, Blue Hawaii Drafting Services, Inc. will significantly streamline your project. You don’t have to worry about consulting several companies and contractors; instead, you can leave it up to this architecture and construction firm to guarantee excellence from start to finish. Rather than managing multiple budgets, you can count on Blue Hawaii Drafting Services, Inc. to plan around your unique needs. Staffed with experts in every area of construction and home design, this company bolsters ensures clients’ expectations are not just met—they’re exceeded.

For more than 12 years, this premier architecture and construction firm has staffed the best architects, engineers, designers, and contractors in the industry. Since its founding, these experts have executed thousands of projects ranging from single-family homes to corporate offices and restaurants. They are highly skilled in new home designs, existing building add-ons, and other services such as permit routings and applications. Whether you have a brand-new project or want to improve an existing space, this team is on your side. From the blueprints to the hammers and nails, they will prioritize your personalized vision every step of the way. 

To get started on your next big project, consult the experts. Call a friendly professional from Blue Hawaii Drafting Services, Inc. at (808) 927-4123 today. To view some of the firm’s previous projects, visit the website.

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