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Politte Ready Mix LLC

Politte Ready Mix LLC

1 Politte Ln
Potosi, MO 63664
(573) 438-5417
Politte Ready Mix LLC, Concrete Contractors, Services, Potosi, Missouri

Pouring a new concrete patio or driveway will add value to any property, but it's important that they last. For 40 years, Politte Ready Mix LLC in Potosi, MO, has prided itself on providing top-of-the-line ready-mixed concrete for contractors and individuals in Washington County.

This family-owned and-operated company uses the best ready-mixed concrete, sand, and gravel, all made right in Politte Ready Mix’s state-approved plant. They’ll help you create a concrete patio, sidewalk, or driveway that will both look great and stand up to the elements. Additionally, they offer the following construction materials:

  • Rebar and snap ties
  • Wire mesh and anchor bolts
  • Concrete tubes and form oil

Politte Ready Mix LLC will work quickly and efficiently to fill your orders. They can also be trusted to deliver your concrete and other building materials on time with over eight conveniently located sites.

The next time you need quality ready-mixed concrete, talk to the experienced professionals at Politte Ready Mix LLC. Call (573) 438-5417 today for a free estimate.




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