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Eye care is about more than taking care of your body. By protecting your eyesight, you also have the chance to explore new places, read, and maintain your ability to work. Unfortunately, vision problems are as diverse as people are, which is why Tri-State Ophthalmology is dedicated to helping people overcome even the most critical vision impairments.

Since their inception in 1963, this state-of-the-art vision center has been dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming, and effective clinic where people can find relief from vision disorders. Owned and operated by Dr. John Gross, MD, and Dr. Carter Gussler, MD, this team of specialists can help with everything from routine eye exams to eye surgery for cataracts and laser surgery for diabetic eye problems. Drs. Gross and Gussler are also members of the American Academy of Opthalmology, and are recognized for their commitment to excellence in eye care.   

Vision problems can be scary, but seeking treatment doesn’t have to be. Before you are treated at Tri-State Ophthalmology, the doctors will talk with you about your symptoms, medical history, and potential treatments. Every treatment is completed with your preferences, budget, and quality of life in mind, and you will never be pressured into receiving a service that you don’t want or need. The doctors will do everything in their power to make your eye exam or procedure as comfortable and painless as possible, so that eye care doesn’t become something you will dread in the future. 

To ensure the utmost convenience, Tri-State Ophthalmology accepts a wide range of vision and medical insurance plans, and offers a variety of appointment times. Their website is also filled with helpful information about procedures and convenient new patient forms, making it easy to get the care you need without hassle. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about Tri-State Ophthalmology, call them at (606) 324-2451.

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