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The Sonshine Solar Corp.

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The Sonshine Solar Corp., Solar Heating, Services, Haiku, Hawaii

The SonshineSolar Corp. has become one of the most reputable solar companies in Maui thanks to their high-quality solar energy and alternative energy solutions. Sonshine Solar has remained a family owned and operated business for over 21 years, so they can continue to provide Maui residents with the high quality and personalized service that they have grown to love.

The decrease in PV prices and the increase in fuel costs has made solar energy more affordable and more attractive than ever. Whether you desire solar water heaters or solar panel installations, The Sonshine Solar Corp has the renewable energy solution to fit your personalized needs.

The excellent manufacturing design and their careful assembly ensures that your alternative energy installations are both energy efficient and aesthetically appealing. The experts at Sonshine Solar provide full insulation with brass and copper fittings, and they prevent rust and corrosion with their stainless and anodized aluminum. It’s a strategy that is guaranteed to save money and the environment.

Each member of their friendly staff is professionally trained to use the latest technology and meet the highest standards in the industry. Most importantly, your PV system is always installed by experts who are NABCEP-Certified, the gold standard for renewable energy installers. When installed correctly, a solar energy system can lower your heating electric bill by as much as 90%. Those monetary savings have earned The Sonshine Solar Corp happy and loyal customers for the past two decades.

If you’re ready to see what The Sonshine Solar Corp. can do for your energy bill, contact their friendly staff today. Call them at (808) 575-7444 or visit them online to learn more about their solar energy solutions or for professional assistance with your own renewable energy needs.

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