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Aurora Cryo Spa

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Once a secret solution of the rich and famous to health and well-being, cryotherapy treatment has begun to enter the mainstream market. As the first spa offering this service in San Gabriel Valley, Aurora Cryo Spa in Monrovia, CA, aims to introduce the community to the benefits of cryotherapy. From pain relief to anti-inflammatory effects, cryotherapy has many positive benefits that can contribute to your overall physical and mental health.

A family-owned and -operated business, Aurora Cryo Spa provides localized, as well as whole, body cryotherapy (WBC), a treatment in which the body is exposed to temperatures between negative 200 and negative 260 degrees Fahrenheit. Their stand-up chambers are capable of blasting your body with sub-zero temperatures. Treatments last for one to three minutes.

Far from simply inciting shivers, cryotherapy treatment improves blood flow and fosters tissue repair. Other benefits range from boosting collagen production to speeding up metabolism, thus encouraging weight loss. Most patients also experience an amazing post-chill glow, accompanied with an exhilarating rush of endorphins and energy.

The team at Aurora Cryo Spa is passionate about helping patients discover the benefits of cryotherapy treatment. They are always happy to answer questions and discuss your symptoms to determine if the procedure is right for you. From prepping you ahead of each session to ensuring your comfort as you warm up after your treatment, they will be by your side throughout the process. To find out more, visit their website or call their Monrovia, CA, location at (626) 930-0772.

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