Honolulu, Hawaii

Men's Grooming Salon Sky

You will emerge as sophisticated new man after being pampered by this complete hair, nail, and shaving service.

Men's Grooming Salon Sky

665 Halekauwila St , Ste C 103
Honolulu, HI 96813
808 533-3233
Men's Grooming Salon Sky, Barber, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

The welcoming staff will make you feel at ease the moment you settle into one of the luxury barber chairs at Hawaii’s Men’s Grooming Salon SKY. Since 1993, SKY Hair Salon has been pampering the gentlemen of Tokyo with its complete hair, nail, and shaving services. Now, this luxury men’s barbershop has brought its services to Honolulu. They maintain the same exceptional level of customer service and technical expertise found at its Japanese counterparts.

A standard appointment lasts one hour and includes shampoo, haircut, shave, and nail care (done during the cut). A soothing head massage is also part of the package. Each team member is expertly trained and offers top-notch skills that will have you looking and feeling your best.

What really sets Men’s Grooming Salon SKY apart from other barbershops is their signature hospitality. The professionals who work there are passionate about what they do and aim to provide each guest with a relaxing, satisfying experience that enriches their day. After one session, you’ll emerge a sophisticated new man, refreshed and ready for the world.

Since opening their first salon in Tokyo, the line of SKY hair salons has rapidly become a popular hot spot; 17 salons can now be found in Japan. Find out the secret to their success for yourself by taking advantage of their Honolulu, HI, location. You can get a sneak peek of their luxury barbershop treatments online. To request an appointment at Mens Grooming Salon SKY, call (808) 533-3233.

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