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Dr. Thad Thomas, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provides you with the personalized, gentle dental care that you deserve. Based in Dry Ridge, KY, Dr. Thad Thomas offers residents a full range of dental health services, from emergency dental care and root canal procedures to tooth replacements and cosmetic upgrades like teeth whitening services. The goal is to always leave you with stronger teeth, disease-free gums, and a bright and dazzling smile.

A beautiful smile is not just about making a positive impression; healthy gums and strong teeth are essential to maintaining health and well-being. That’s why Dr. Thad Thomas offers comprehensive routine cleaning sessions with resident dental hygienists who use the latest techniques and equipment. Customers have grown to rely on Dr. Thomas’ thoughtful approach to integrating advanced technology with time-tested procedures.

In fact, while he was at the UK College of Dentistry, Dr. Thomas was awarded the outstanding endodontic (root canal) award for his dedication and innovative application. Dr. Thomas brought that premier level of quality to his practice, where he not only excels in root canal therapy, but has also earned an elite reputation for his fillings, crowns, teeth whitening and tooth replacements. No matter what your dental needs may be, you are guaranteed to get that exceptional level of service at an affordable price.

The professional dental staff at Dr. Thad Thomas, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry care just as much about your health and well-being as you do. That’s why they always make your relaxation a priority with nitrous oxide sedation and soothing music. If you are ready to experience exceptional dentist and endodontist services, then contact Dr. Thomas today. Call his office at (859) 824-5454 or visit online to make an appointment.

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