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John R. Loughrey

John R. Loughrey

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When residents of Cincinnati, Ohio, need to see a gastroenterologist, they turn to John R. Loughrey, M.D. Not only does Dr. Loughrey offer thorough, experienced treatment of a full range of digestive disorders, but he also provides compassionate care to promote lasting wellness.     

Digestive Disorders

While Dr. Loughrey is well-versed in a variety of health concerns, he specializes in gastroenterology and related gastric problems. Whether you suffer from Crohn’s disease, chest pain, or colon cancer, this independent physician will help you get your digestive disorders under control. 

Long-Term Approach

As a physician, Dr. Loughery’s goal is to provide not only short-term relief but also long-term solutions for your gastric problems and other health concerns. Using progressive techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, he strives to help every patient achieve optimal wellness.

Compassionate Care

Dr. Loughrey prides himself on his strong doctor-patient relationships. He strives to understand every individual who visits his office on a personal level as well as gain an understanding of their specific needs or concerns. It is because of this elevated level of compassion that he can tailor effective treatment plans for all his patients and deliver lasting results.  

If you suffer from a digestive disorder or are experiencing any gastric problems, don’t let your symptoms go untreated. Call John R. Loughrey, M.D. at (513) 681-8800 today to schedule an appointment with this skilled physician.