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Orchard Kennels Inc

Orchard Kennels Inc

1570 Walworth Penfield Rd
Walworth, NY 14568
(315) 986-1605
Orchard Kennels Inc, Dog Training, Services, Walworth, New York

Any loving dog owner with a big pup knows that extra-large dogs require extra special care. Located just 10 minutes east of Rochester, NY, Orchard Kennels caters especially to plus-sized pooches, offering boarding, grooming, and training services. From Saint Bernards to Great Danes, any pup over 35 pounds is welcome here.

Set in Walworth, this dog kennel’s rural location allows for large outdoors exercise grounds, where pups can play and socialize under safe supervision. If your furry friend gets nervous in a group, solitary outdoor time with a staff member is always an option as well. Your dog is welcome to bring their own toys to keep them company while boarding. If you’re in need of a new treat for your pet, check out the dog kennel’s online shop, which features a special selection of XL toys for playful pups.

The professionals at Orchard Kennels are passionate about dogs—and big dogs in particular. Both the staff and the facilities are geared toward total comfort for your furry friend—from spacious indoor kennel areas to all-over heated flooring for the chilly upstate winters, your dog will always find a cozy place to settle in. When you need dependable care for your large dog in the Rochester area, bring them to Orchard Kennels for a kind and caring experience.      

In addition to dog boarding, Orchard Kennels also offers dog grooming, as well as training services in conjunction with Denali Obedience School. You can find out more about their specialty services for big dogs via their website. To make an appointment, call their Walworth, NY, offices at (315) 986-1605.

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