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Drivers in the Midwest looking to optimize and safeguard their cars have relied on the same auto center since 1936. The locally-owned business, Dee's Auto Care Specialists, has easy-to-access locations in La Crosse and Onalaska, WI, as well as Winona, MN.

Dee's Auto Care Specialists is prized for being a one-stop-shop for car services. The professionals understand how important preventative maintenance is to maximizing the productive lifespan of your car; you can always come in for important tuneup tasks, including oil changes and wheel alignments.

If your car experiences a decline in performance or was damaged, the staff offers an extensive list of auto repair options. They have the skills to swiftly fix any issues with your brakes, engine, transmission, and other parts of your vehicle. To help you enhance your vehicle, the staff also carries a wide variety of new tires for sale, all sourced from the best companies in the industry.

What distinguishes Dee's Auto Care Specialists is the outstanding quality of their staff. As an ASE-Certified crew, you’re getting access to veteran technicians who have undergone rigorous training, in addition to studying the most effective techniques. The company even has a continuing education program to ensure team members stay up-to-date on innovations in preventative maintenance or auto repairs. They take pride in their knowledge and are thrilled to share it, frequently dispensing helpful tips and suggestions to customers.

The next time you need a preventative maintenance service or an auto repair, make sure you stop by Dee's Auto Care Specialists. You can inquire further about their rates by calling (608) 782-2530. Learn more about the company by visiting the website.

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