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Santa Energy provides reliable heating and fuel delivery services throughout the Bridgeport, CT, area. Since the 1950s, this company has served the fueling needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients while placing a high priority on safety, value, and reliable service.

Their decades of experience in powering all types of heating systems means Santa Energy is prepared each year to keep homes and businesses warm during Connecticut’s cold winters. Their heating service experts specialize in propane and heating oil delivery to make sure you never run out of fuel. Recently, the company expanded their offerings to provide customers in New Haven and Fairfield counties with natural gas.

This fuel company also offers maintenance and installation services for heating equipment and conditioners to keep homes comfortable year-round. These specialist believe in the importance of energy-efficiency, so they provide insightful energy audits to help you find ways to lower your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Santa Energy makes it their mission to provide assistance when you need it most. No matter when you need more fuel or a heating system technician to fix your furnace, you can call for emergency repairs 24 hours a day. In addition to offering reliable repairs and fast fuel delivery, the company also works to get you the lowest propane and heating oil prices in the area.

To learn more about how Santa Energy’s top-of-the-line heating services and latest promotional offers, visit their website. You can also call the team at (800) 937-2682 to request a quote or schedule fuel delivery for your home or business in or around New Haven and Fairfield Counties. 

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