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Since 1987, Knochel Law Offices, P.C., have been the go-to force in Bullhead City, as well as the Tri-State area of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Life happens, and that doesn’t always mean smooth sailing. But, to paraphrase the old aphorism, when the going gets rough, Knochel Law Offices, P.C., gets tough. Knochel’s lawyers are as renowned for being exemplary divorce and family attorneys as they are for their expertise in business and commercial law, criminal law, appeals, and personal injury related issues. They also handle bankruptcy, wrongful death suits, and much more.

Keith Knochel, who is one of the only attorneys licensed in NV, AZ, and CA, has been practicing since 1982. His partner, Aline, is a graduate of UCLA’s School of Law. Both maintain committed to doing everything they can for the people who come to them for help—and their firm’s excellent standing in the community confirms and reflects that commitment.

For years, now, Knochel Law Offices, P.C.—whose motto is never to give up—has won numerous legal battles for their clients. And their reputation is not limited to local acclaim: from their location near the casinos of Laughlin, NV (which attract many tourists each year) they have also helped countless visitors to the area win their cases.

All this equates to over a generation’s worth of expert, compassionate representation that has helped hundreds. For more information, call (928) 444-1000, or email Knochel Law Offices, P.C.at law@lawyersinarizona.com. Contacting the experts today will allow you to move on to tomorrow.

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