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Ailie Wellness Center

3651 Harrison Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211
(513) 432-4182
Ailie Wellness Center, Yoga Classes, Health and Beauty, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ailie Wellness Center is Cincinnati, OH’s premier holistic health center, dedicated to the discovery, empowerment, and transformation of your mind and body. Led by wellness experts Dr. Gary Pekoe, Terrah Stuckey, and Jazmyne Mink, the team provides a variety of essential and budget-friendly alternative health services.

At Ailie Wellness Center, you’ll enjoy a full spectrum of offerings, including affordable and focused holistic health coaching, soothing, weekly meditation classes, and body strengthening yoga classes. They also offer free female fight training, psychoneuroimmunology services, and one-on-one transformational coaching opportunities with Dr. Pekoe. Ailie Wellness Center is your one-stop resource to improve your eating habits, transform your body, and clear your mind. With the help of their diet, fitness, and relaxation experts, you can achieve balance regardless of your income or life experience.

Dr. Pekoe and his team are dedicated to the health and wellness of Cincinnati residents. Their everyday mission is to present the community and world with a positive and alternative path to true, long-term health, teaching lifelong habits to all customers. As their bright purple and green storefront attests, they are a vibrant, unique holistic health center that invests in the uniqueness and potential of every person.

If you’re seeking a better quality of life, call Ailie Wellness Center in Cincinnati, OH, at (513) 432-4182 to learn more about their range of holistic health services. To explore their current class offerings and calendar, visit their website. You can also receive alternative health tips and inspiration by following them on Facebook or Twitter

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Wire Wrapping Gemstone Trees Are you interested in wire wrapping Gemstone trees? Drop us a message with your name number to sign up? Class will not be scheduled until we more
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Wire Wrapping Gemstone Trees Are you interested in wire wrapping Gemstone trees? Drop us a message with your name number to sign up? Class will not be scheduled until we more
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