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Clambakes by Jim Sanford

Clambakes by Jim Sanford

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Clambakes by Jim Sanford is a unique and specialized catering service that offers authentic New England clambakes and lobsterbakes on your lawn, rooftop or deck in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state areas!

In 1969, the founder and owner of Clambakes by Jim Sanford found himself hosting clambakes on Martha's Vineyard. Since then, Jim Sanford has been using his own cooking technology to bring his love and appreciation for providing full-service clambaking for any occasion or event.

Over the years, Jim dreamed of making a business of the clambake craft he fell in love with so many years ago. In 1980, that dream came true when he founded Clambakes by Jim Sanford, an urban and portable clambake for event planning and catering in New England.

Sanford uses seaweed, which is specially shipped from Maine and he has designed a system of small stoves and stainless steel boxes that enable him to cook clambakes for hundreds of people!

Clambakes by Jim Sanford will bring a full-service clambake to your party location.

With full-service clambaking, the feast includes lobsters, dozens of Maine streamers, locally grown corn on the cob, potatoes, barbecued chicken, linguica, and zesty Portuguese sausage.

The rich and authentic clambake experience helps Sanford to bring the same great taste of the beach to catered weddings, tailgate parties, backyard parties, patio gatherings, terraces, rooftops, special events and more!

A delicious clambake feast is also perfect for summer lawn and beach parties and serves 40 to 1000 people. If you are looking to host a lively party, business event or a gathering of friends this summer, they can enjoy a delicious clambake summer banquet experience with Clambakes by Jim Sanford.

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