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Tea Time Taiwan

Tea Time Taiwan

1210 Dillingham Blvd Space 14
Honolulu, HI 96817
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You don’t have to travel to Taiwan to find their delicious, authentic cuisine. Instead, simply visit Tea Time Taiwan. Thanks to their commitment to customer service and their knowledge of regional trends, this family-owned dessert shop serves the best milk tea and honey toast on Oahu!   

At Tea Time Taiwan, variety is paramount. They serve a wide selection of green and black milk teas, each with their own unique but bold flavor. To take your drink to the next level, try their signature bubble tea, complete with chewy tapioca pearls called boba. While these beverages are their specialty, Tea Time Taiwan also offers honey toast and other renowned Taiwanese desserts.

Part of what makes Tea Time Taiwan’s bubble teas and honey toast so delicious, besides their unique flavors, is their authenticity. Instead of powders or premade products, they make fresh tea and tapioca every four hours and bake their honey toast every morning using only the best, local ingredients. The dessert shop’s co-owner, Ivy Chiu, also visits Taiwan twice a year to collect recipes for new seasonal drinks as well as learn the latest brewing techniques.

While you and your friends are enjoying these homemade treats, you can kick back in the Tea Time Taiwan’s comfortable yet chic dining area. Or, for milk tea on the go, the dessert shop also offers delivery services from both their Honolulu and Pearl City locations.

Are you craving something that’s both sweet and authentic? Treat yourself to Tea Time Taiwan! For more on their menu, visit their website or call them at (808) 600-5931 today.

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